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Ergonomically designed to fit the contours of your body. Many of our models feature deeper foot wells for comfort and spaciousness. Built in safety features like steps and lighting are part of every hot tub. Our shells are manufactured with a patented, four-layer strengthening process called DuraBond™. This combines the beauty of acrylic with a layer of ABS for strength and integrity. A layer of IsoBond is applied, which has all the strength of a fiberglass resin shell, with half the weight, and without the environmental concerns. The manufacturing process is completed with a thick layer of insulating polyurethane foam.


For those who are seeking a basic massage, our Splash Series hot tubs provide a well-built hot tub solution at an affordable price. For those who are seeking a more comprehensive massage, our Riverbank and Dream collections really step it up and include our amazing ergonomically designed hydrotherapy seats and jet placement. You can customize the massage in every seat for the ultimate hydrotherapy experience.



Rippling Water Hot Tubs properly designs and sizes each spa's filtration system based on decades of research, unlike other spa companies, so you don't end up having to clean or replace 2 or even 3 or more filter cartridges. By assuring the surface area of the filter for each Rippling Water hot tub is sized correctly based on a particular spa's water volume, number of jets, flow rate per jet and other factors, a single cartridge filter keeps replacement costs low and maintenance a breeze.


We use a special energy saving system that reduces energy consumption, which helps you save money at the same time. Unlike full-foam spas that need to vent off motor-generated heat, the heat produced by the mechanical equipment is not vented away in a Rippling Water hot tub - it is contained, recycled, and reused. 



Put your mind at ease, with over 5 1/2 decades of experience in hot tub manufacturing we have taken tremendous care, attention and craftsmanship to create, design and manufacture each and every Rippling Water Hot Tub. Every hot tub goes through an extensive water test and 50 point inspection before shipping.  Special consideration has been given to every aspect of our hot tubs from Maintenance-Free Cabinetry, Integrated Support Structures, our Durabond™ Shell and soft touch control system.


Rippling Water Hot Tubs are built to last and are manufactured in the U.S.A. with quality components and technologically advanced production processes. Rest assured that your spa is built and backed by one of the oldest spa companies – manufacturing quality since 1966. All of our spas are tested and rated by ETL and all Rippling Water Hot Tubs Authorized Full-Service Dealers offer the same Quality Assurance.


Health Benefits

Warm water massage stimulates the body to release endorphins that can reduce stress, Rippling Water Hot Tubs hydrotherapy jets also dilate blood vessels to help prevent headaches.

Find a Retailer

Visit one of our authorized retailers for expert Rippling Water Hot Tub product sales and installation services. Our authorized retailers are factory trained to ensure your satisfaction. 

There’s a lot of hot tub manufacturers in the world today but there aren’t very many that have over 55 years of hot tub manufacturing experience.  With 55 years of experience comes a lot of long-term relationships with industry leading suppliers for our spa's components.  Our spas are built to run efficiently and withstand harsh cold climate conditions while giving you comfort and hydrotherapy wellness.  We’re a Midwest company that’s here to provide Reliable, Hand Built Luxurious hot tubs at affordable prices for families to enjoy for several years.

A recent survey on usage revealed that owners have fun in their hot tub an average of 150 times a year! Hot tubs are designed to maintain the temperature you set them at and as a result your hot tub is always ready and waiting for you. Setting the water temperature in a Rippling Water Hot Tub is so easy. While lowering the temperature on a Rippling Water Hot Tub helps beat summer heat, there are few moments in life that come close to the sheer pleasure of being surrounded by warm bubbling water on a crisp, cold night. So, don’t worry about the temperature dropping, the sun going down or the seasons changing. Slipping into a Rippling Water Hot Tub is always a year round fun and wonderful experience. 

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