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Insulation & Efficiency

Polar Insulation™

Rippling Water Hot Tubs are built to withstand harsh, northern winters. Our system incorporates insulating Styrofoam panels with an additional layer of reflective foil as well as reflective foil insulation on the floor. Unlike other insulation systems that loosely wrap insulation around the shell, Rippling Water Hot Tubs sprays our insulating foam directly onto the shell surface of spa models that include foam on the shell to ensure full contact to all surfaces, thereby sealing the cabinet from any outside air infiltration. As a bonus of this excellence in insulation techniques, the dead air space within the closed spa cabinet forms an insulating barrier to help maintain spa water temperature. This is the same insulating principle as found in the construction of insulating thermos bottles.

The bottom of the spa is sealed with a moisture proof material to further protect and insulate. Your spa can be fitted with your choice of cover, which can also be locked in place for safety. We recommend the thicker, highly insulating covers for colder climates.

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  • Synthetic Weather Guard™ Cabinet

  • Thick layer of polystyrene foam between the frame and cabinet 

  • Heat reflective thermal-blanket for maximum cabinet heat retention

Energy Saver System

Rippling Water Hot Tubs looks for ways to make our spas more environmentally friendly. We use a special energy saving system that reduces energy consumption, which helps you save money at the same time. Unlike full-foam spas that need to vent off motor-generated heat, the heat produced by the mechanical equipment is not vented away in a Rippling Water Hot Tub - it is contained, recycled, and reused. As water moves through the lines toward the jets it draws air with it (an action termed venturi).

This air is taken from the pocket created by the Polar Insulation on the shell and cabinet. Not only is this warm air recycled and used to warm the water in your jets, but it also helps to maintain the water temperature! Full foam spas have ventilation openings in the cabinet, which allow the warm air to escape. Those holes in the cabinet also allow insects and critters to get inside your spa.


Our spas are full paneled with additional perimeter insulation around the entire cabinet keeping warm air inside the spa and saving you energy and money.

If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.

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