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LED Lighting

Lights add color and atmosphere and can greatly enhance the setting and enjoyment of your spa experience.  Choose from a complete package that will make your spa stand out as a focal point in your garden landscape.  Our optional LED lights offer enchanting features including light patterns or remaining on your favorite color.

led lighting.PNG

Create the perfect mood with a high intensity LED spa lighting system featuring five brilliant LED colors. Surround yourself with full perimeter top shell and underwater LED lights that cycle at 3-second intervals. The system also includes a 4-inch LED light in the step that lights the entire body of water in the spa. With the touch of a button, you can pause on the color that suits your mood or surroundings. Touch the button again and create an exciting party mood where the lights change color in a quick, fast-paced motion.


At a touch of a button, you can make your water dance with intense magenta, orange, green, blue and violet - or just allow the system to gradually move from one beautiful color to another. Transform the mood as you enjoy dramatic dances of changing colors - a spectacular light show whether in or out of the water.


If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.

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